None Of The Above was formed through UMIST's R 'n' B Soc. Only Harry remains from the original line up.

Our first gig was on 20th June, 1991. Chris was unavailable. Jo Hollinsworth guested on sax for one song ("It's So Hard").














The list below shows the main changes of line-up. For the full list, see below.



(1991) Harry Somers (guitar and vocals), Alex Melrose (drums), Rob Roach (bass), Chris White
(lead guitar, harmonica) 


(1992) Harry, Alex, Rob, Chris, Maria A (vocals)


Steve replaced Alex on drums

(1992-3) Harry, Rob, Maria, Steve Young (drums)


Phil replaced Rob, who left Manchester and later became a member of My Russian Girlfriend

(1993-4) Harry, Steve, Phil Duncan (bass), Nick Olivier (keyboards).
With this line-up we did our first recording ("My Vote") on a 6-track recorder in Harry's cellar.

Paul replaced Phil, who left to join The Blazing Snowmen. Will replaced Nick who had left Manchester. Maria went away and came back many years later as a dubstep DJ.

(1995-6) Harry, Steve, Paul Walsh (bass), Will Varley (keyboards)


Will was in hospital for much of 1997 and sadly passed away in September. The band broke up at this time. We reformed with a whole new line-up.

(1998) Harry, Pete King (bass), Lee Gilburt (drums), Stuart Glynn (lead guitar), Nikki Davenport (vocals)

Stuart wanted to play in a jazz band, and so left. Nikki was also in No Fit State which took up most of her time. She was replaced by Ann. Lee was also in another band, so Greg joined us. Nikki and Pete later emigrated to New Zealand, where Nikki plays (soprano trumpet) in a brass band.

(1999) Harry, Pete,  Greg Elliston (drums), Ann Fomukong (vocals)

We had a disasterous gig in Macclesfield, after which the band broke up. Ann joined The Shiva, Greg wanted to concentrate on his other band, Burly Chassis. Again a whole new line-up, thanks to UMIST's R'n'B Soc.

(1999-2000) Harry, Ioannis Giannikos (drums), Chris 'Jonesy' Jones (bass),
Pranam Mavahalli (lead)

 Jonesy left Manchester to be replaced on his recommendation by Mike. He briefly played in a band called The Unconfirmed, and then in a Pink Floyd tribute band, Us and Them, but has retired for the time being. Ioannis went back to Greece, so Lee rejoined the band.

(2000-2) Harry, Pranam, Lee, Mike Thomas (bass).

This is the line-up that recorded "Scruffy's Big Day Out" in The Cutting Rooms, Crumpsall, April 2001

Pranam left Manchester in the summer (though he came back later, and is now in Crooked Rooks), to be replaced by Alan.
Matt, Hannah and Linden joined after Christmas.

(2003) Harry, Lee, Mike, Alan Ward (lead guitar), Matt Lees (vocals), Hannah Steedman (vocals), Linden Wint (vocals).

With this line-up we recorded "Positive Guy" and "Teenage Kicks" at MMS Studios in June 2003

Mike left to concentrate on his other band,
Everstrong, who shortly after got signed, made a record and a video. Mike has since left Everstrong however.

(2003-4) Harry, Lee, Mike, Alan, Matt, Hannah, Linden, Kev Thomas (bass)

In 2005, Harry went to Australia for a year (where he played in The Banned Ones). Matt and Linden left Manchester. Alan and Hannah left the band to form Alpha One, with Lee and Kev.

On Harry's return, Dave was recruited to play lead, and added an alternative source of vocals. Harry played sax on some numbers.

(2006-7) Harry, Lee, Kev, Dave Wright (guitar and vocals)

This line-up managed 16 gigs in a 12-month period, a previously unprecedented level of activity.


Dave left due to work and family pressures, though still performs regularly with One-eyed Pete. He was replaced by Greg.

(2008-?) The current line-up: Harry, Lee, Kev, Greg Davies (guitar and vocals)

Exceded the previous line-up's activity with 22 gigs in 2008.

Lee, Kev and Greg are part of Johari Window (earlier called the Greg Davies Project), doing Greg's solo stuff. Harry has played sax with a number of bands, and along with Lee, Pinked Floyd (a tribute band). Greg and Kev are also playing with Uncovered, and Lee plays in a Pixies tribute band called Hey Pixies.

Full list of members

Counting only people who have played gigs (and not counting guests), Greg is band member #32.

 5Maria AvocalsUMIST bar, 1.2.921992-313
18Ray CottamkeyboardsStar & Garter, 10.12.981998 1
16Nikki DavenportvocalsSoftball, 20.6.981998, 2001-2 6
32Greg Daviesguitar, vocalsHope Inn Stockport, 5.1.082008-...136+
 7Phil DuncanbassPyjama Dance UMIST, 24.2.931993-4, 1996 9
17Greg EllistondrumsLighthouse Talacre, 11.7.981998-9 4
18Ann FomukongvocalsStar & Garter, 10.12.981998-9 4
20Ioannis GiannikosdrumsStar & Garter, 2.12.991999-2000 4
12Lee GilbertdrumsGrosvenor Hotel, 10.12.971997-8, 2000-...184+
12Stuart GlynnguitarGrosvenor Hotel, 10.12.971997-8 4
25Emily GrossmanvocalsIguana Chorlton, 14.8.012001 1
12Jay HarrapvocalsGrosvenor Hotel, 10.12.971997 1
23Chris 'Jonesy' JonesbassStar & Garter, 7.4.002000 5
12Pete KingbassGrosvenor Hotel, 10.12.971997-9 6
29Matt LeesvocalsUMIST bar, 8.5.032003-413
20Pranam MavahalliguitarStar & Garter, 2.12.991999-200217
 1Alex MelrosedrumsSharanskys UMIST, 20.6.911991-210
 9Nick OlivierkeyboardsM'cr Town Hall, 6.11.931993-4 3
 8Patrick OliviervocalsSwinging Sporran, 11.3.931993 2
20Thibault RémybassStar & Garter, 2.12.991999 1
 1Rob RoachbassSharanskys UMIST, 20.6.911991-314
 1Harry Somersguitar, vocals, saxSharanskys UMIST, 20.6.911991-...228+
27Hannah SvocalsJabez Clegg, 1.4.032003-414
30Kevan ThomasbassKorumba, 12.2.042004-...166+
24Mike ThomasbassGROT bar, 20.9.002000-320
10Will VarleykeyboardsMan City Supporters Club, 21.2.951995-610
10Paul Walshbass, vocalsMan City Supporters Club, 21.2.951995-610
26Alan WardguitarUMIST Beer Fest, 25.10.022002-420
 4Chris WhiteguitarSharansky's UMIST, 12.11.911991-2 9
27Linden WintvocalsJabez Clegg, 1.4.032003-414
31Dave Wrightguitar, vocalsWhalley Range Festival, 1.5.062006-716
 6Steve YoungdrumsSharansky's UMIST, 16.6.921992-621
+ current member total up to gig #230 (30.7.17)

Apart from guest appearances, we should also mention the following, who have replaced a missing member at  a gig:

Mike Chaplin played bass, gig #6 (11.3.92)

Phil Davies sat in on drums, gigs #126 (23.5.08), #138 (6.3.10), #155 (7.5.11), #156 (14.5.11) and #157 (21.5.11) - a total of 5 gigs (so far!) ... more than some "members".

Dan Freeman played guitar/keyboards, gig #205 (9.11.13)

Phil Runciman played lead guitar, gig #217 (2.8.14)

Dave Webb played drums, gigs #225 (22.8.15) and #229 (21.11.15)

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